Song Name: Sakhe Kalaya Gauram Udaram

Author: Rupa Goswami


sakhe kalaya gauram udāram


nindita hāṭaka kānti kalevara

garvita māraka māram

madhukara rañjita mālatī maṇḍita

jita-ghana kuñcita keśam


tilaka vinindita śaśadhara rupaka

bhuvana manohara veśam

madhu madhurasmita lobhita tanubhṛta

anupama bhāva vilāsam


nikhila nija jana mohita mānasa

vikathita gada gada bhāṣam

paramā kiñcana kiṇcana naragaṇa

karuṇā vitaraṇa śīlam


1) My friend! That most magnanimous Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu has appeared as the rising sun to dispel the darkness of this age Kali.

2) His brilliant golden complexion shames the bright luster of gold, and His beauty defeats the pride of Cupid. His curly black hair is decorated with a garland made of malati flowers, and bumble bees fly around them.

3) His beautiful moonlike face is decorated with tilaka, and His dressing enchants the whole world. His sweet smile delivers all embodied souls from the mire of material existence, by generating in them greed for love of Godhead. He displays unique ecstatic symptoms.

4) He enchants the minds of His dear ones, and He speaks with a faltering voice. In order to bestow the greatest wealth upon the poverty stricken souls of this world, He has accepted the life of renunciate, and thus distributed His mercy to all.

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