Song Name: Kesava Tuwa Jagata Vicitra

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Saranagati (Section: Bhakti Pratikula Bhava Varjanangikara Song 1)


keśava! tuwā jagata vicitra

karama-vipāke,  bhava-vana bhrama-i,

pekhaluń rańga bahu citra


tuwā pada-vismṛti,  ā-mara jantranā,

kleśa-dahane dohi’ jāi

kapila, patañjali,  gautama, kanabhojī,

jaimini, bauddha āowe dhāi’


tab koi nija-mate,  bhukti, mukti yācato,

pāta-i nānā-vidha phāńd

so-sabu—vañcaka,  tuwā bhakti bahir-mukha,

ghaṭāowe viṣama paramād


vaimukha-vañcane,  bhaṭa so-sabu,

niramilo vividha pasār

danḍavat dūrato,  bhakativinoda bhelo,

bhakata-caraṇa kori’ sār


1) This material creation of Yours, O Kesava, is most strange. I have roamed throughout the forest of this universe in consequence of my selfish acts, and I have beheld many strange and curious sights.

2) Forgetfulness of Your lotus feet has brought on anguish and grief. As I burn in this fire of misery, my would-be saviors — Kapila, Patanjali, Gautama, Kanada, Jaimini, and Buddha — come running to my aid.

3) Each expounds his particular view, dangling various pleasures and liberation as bait in their philosophical traps. They are all cheaters, averse to Your devotional service and thus fatally dangerous.

4) They are magnates of karma, jnana, and yoga who specialize in opinions and proofs for cheating the materially inclined. Bhaktivinoda, considering refuge at the feet of the Vaisnavas as essential, pays his respects to these cheating philosophers from afar.

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