Song Name: Hari Hari Kabe Mora Hobe Heno Dina

Author: Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Book Name: Kalyana Kalpataru (Section: Ucchvasa: Prarthana Lalasmayi Song 6)


hari hari kabe mora ho'be heno dina

bimala baisnabe,rati upajibe,

basana hoihe ksina


antara-bahire, sama byavahara,

amani manda ho'bo

krsna-sankirtane, sri-krsna-smarane,

satata majiya ro'bo


e deher kriya, abyase koribo,

jibana japana lagi'

sri-krsna-bhajane,anukula jaha,

tahe ho'bo anuragi


bhajaner jaha,pratikula taha,

drdhabhave teyagibo

bhajite bhajite,samaya asile,

e deha chadiya dibo


bhakatibinoda, ei asa kori',

basiya godruma-bane

prabhu-krpa lagi',byakula antare,

sada kande sangopane


1) Oh my Lord Hari, when will such a day be mine? Developing love and attchment for a pure devotee, my material desires will thereby become weakened amd subdued.

2) However I feel in the core of my heart, I will behave accordingly, totally free from duplicity. Without expecting any respect, I will give all honor unto others. I will constantly remain absorbed in ecstatic remembrance of the Lord by performing the congragational chanting of His holy names.

3) Just to pass this life I will perform only whatever minimum activity is requred to maintain this body, and I will become attached only to that which is favorable for the worship of Lord Krsna.

4) I will forcibly reject whatever is unfavorable for His worship. Thus worshiping and worshiping, the time has come that I have to give up this body.

5) These are the hopes of Bhaktivinoda while living within the forest of Godruma. Hiding in secrecy, he continuously weeps with an extremely eager heart only for the purpose of receiving the causeless mercy of the Supreme Lord.

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