Song Name: Gauranga Tumi More Doya Na Chadiho

Author: Vasudeva Ghosh


gaurāṅga tumi more doyā nā chāḍiho

āpana koriyā rāṅgā caraṇe rākhiho


tomār caraṇa lāgi sab teyāgilu

śītala caraṇa pāyā śaraṇa loilu


e kule o kule muñi dilu tilāñjali

rākhiho caraṇe more āpanār boli


vāsudeva ghoṣe bole caraṇe dhoriyā

kṛpā kori rākho more pada-chāyā diyā


1) Oh Lord Gauranga! Please do not neglect to show me Your mercy! Making me Your very  own property, kindly keep me situated at the reddish soles of Your feet.

2) With the intention of attaining Your feet, I have utterly renounced everything. Now I have taken full shelter of Your soothing lotus feet.

3) Whether I am related to this family lineage or that family lineage – I have completely abandoned them all. I beg You to mercifully keep me by Your feet, calling me Your own.

4) Vasudeva Ghosh says, “Since I have tightly grasped hold of Your feet, please keep me here by always bestowing their soothing shade.”

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