Song Name: Ei Baro Karuna Koro

Official Name: Vaiṣṇave Vijñapti (Prayer to the Vaiṣṇava)

Author: Narottama Das Thakura

Book Name: Prarthana (Section: Vaisnava Vijnapati Song 2)


ei-bāra karuṇā kara vaiṣṇava gosāñi

patita-pāvana tomā bine keha nāi


jāhāra nikaṭe gele pāpa dūre jāya

emana dayāla prabhu kebā kothā pāya


gaṅgara paraśa haile paścāte pāvana

darśane pavitra kara-ei tomāra guṇa


hari-sthāne aparādhe tāre harinām

tomā sthāne aparādhe nāhi paritrāna


tomāra hṛdaye sadā govinda-viśrām

govinda kahena—mora vaiṣṇava parāṇ


prati-janme kari āśā caraṇera dhūli

narottame kara dayā āpanāra bali


1) O Vaisnava Gosvami, please be merciful to me now. There is no one except you who can purify the fallen souls.

2) Where does anyone find such a merciful personality by whose mere audience all sins go far away?

3) After bathing in the waters of the sacred Ganges many times, one becomes purified, but just by the sight of you, the fallen souls are purified. This is your great power.

4) The holy name delivers one who has committed an offense to Lord Hari, but if one commits an offense to you, there is no means of deliverance.

5) Your heart is always the resting place of Lord Govinda, and Lord Govinda says, "The Vaisavas are in My heart."

6) I desire the dust of your holy feet in every birth I may take. Please consider Narottama yours, and be kind upon him.

Song Name: Gauranga Karuna Koro

Author: Narottama Das Thakura


gaurāṅga karuṇā koro, dīna hīna jane

mo-samo patita prabhu, nāhi tri-bhuvane


dante tṛṇa dhori’ gaura, ḍāki he tomār

kṛpā kori’ eso āmār, hṛdoya mandire


jadi doyā nā koribe, patita dekhiyā

patita pāvana nāma, kisera lāgiyā


poḍeci bhava tuphāne, nāhika nistār

śrī caraṇa taraṇī dāne, dāse koro pār


śrī kṛṣṇa caitanya prabhu, dāser anudās

prārthanā koraye sadā, narottam dās


1) O my dear Lord Gauranga! Please show Your mercy to this lowly and destitute soul. O Lord! There is no one more fallen than myself in all the three worlds.

2) Holding grass between my teeth, O Lord Gaura, I am calling out to You now! Please be compassionate upon me and come to reside within the temple of my heart.

3) If You do not give Your mercy, seeing how fallen I am, then why are You known as Patita Pavana -- the merciful Savior of the fallen?

4) I am plunged amidst the violent hurricane-stricken waves in the ocean of this material world, from which there is no escape. Kindly give me the gift of Your divine lotus feet, which are compared to a boat in which Your servant may cross over the ocean of birth and death.

5) Narottama Dasa, the servant of the servant of Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu, ceaselessly makes this prayer.

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