Song Name: Bhaja Gauranga, Kaha Gauranga 

Sung by: Lord Nityananda

bhaja gauranga kaha gauranga

laha gaurangera name

ye jana gauranga bhaje

sei amara prana re


Worship Gauranga, speak of Gauranga, chant Gauranga's name. Whoever worships Sri Gauranga is My life and soul

Song Name: Carana Kamal

Author: Sūra Dasa


carana kamal vandoń hari rāyī


jālkī kṛpā pāńgu giri lāńge

āndhe koń saba kachu darasāyī


bahira sunni muka puni bolai

rańka cale sira chatra dhāraye


surdās swāmī karunāmaye

bāra bāra vandoń tehi pāye


Refrain: I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of the worshipful Lord Hari.

1-2) By His mercy, a lame person crosses mountains, a blind person sees everything, a deaf person hears, a dumb person again speaks, and even a poor person walks with a servant holding an umbrella over his head.

3) The Lord of Sūra Dās is full of compassion. Therefore, I offer my obeisances unto His lotus feet, again and again.

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